Our General Dental Care Services:

At Manly Dental Care we appreciate that your dental care does not have to involve cosmetic enhancements or special treatments. We provide simple, good quality dentistry to help keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright. Naturally we will fully discuss any proposed treatment with you, clearly explaining the procedures you may need or wish to consider.

Our aim is to preserve your original teeth wherever possible and we use only the latest in equipment and materials. We adhere to strict sterilization procedures. We provide Nitrous Oxide (happy gas) and your own personalised masks are provided. Local anaesthetics are given to provide comfort and block pain.

Every six months it is advisable to have a dental check up. This will ensure that if there are any problems they can be dealt with easily before they escalate.
Teeth scaling and regular cleaning will mean your gums and teeth will not only feel great but will stay healthy.

At Manly Dental Care we aim to ensure your teeth are in great shape and will also assess any issues arising from gum, jaw or occlusal (bite) problems.