Scaling & Cleaning

Even if you are conscientious with your at-home oral hygiene and brushing routine it is still very important to have regular examinations with Manly Dental Care.

This is because your daily brushing and flossing cannot remove all the plaque that builds up on your teeth after eating. As plaque build up continues, it hardens into tartar. This is difficult to remove especially under the gum line.

Over time plaque and tartar release toxins that will erode the tooth structure, damage your gums and eventually may lead to tooth loss.

Fortunately, regular examinations at Manly Dental Care can help prevent tooth and gum problems. They will keep your smile bright and your breath fresh. At your visit , we will perform a professional scale and clean to remove the calcified plaque deposits, which have built up over time.

Dr Watson and Dr Tadros will also assess your overall oral health and check for any potential problems. This will enable problems to be addressed before they become more serious.