Dental Implants

If you feel embarrassed to smile because of missing teeth or you are tired of living with loose and uncomfortable dentures, dental implants may restore your smile. Dental implants are titanium screws surgically implanted in your jawbone, bonding with your bone to provide a solid foundation for tooth restorations. Titanium  is very strong, biocompatible with living bone and able to fuse strongly into your jaw.

While the dental implant bonds, if necessary a temporary tooth replacement will be fitted until your final restoration is completed. When complete your brand new tooth replacement is secured to your implant. Any surgical or invasive procedures carry risks so it is important to discuss these with your dentist.

At Manly Dental Care we will ensure you are smiling again and importantly eating and chewing normally. Although your implant is titanium and your replacement teeth are porcelain, good oral hygiene is still vitally important to maintain the surrounding natural teeth and gums and keep them free from gum disease and tooth decay.