Setting your child on the path to great oral health

At Manly Dental Care we believe good oral hygiene is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. So we are always pleased to welcome children and help them to become familiar with our dentists and technology, so they see dental appointments as a normal part of life.

Having a dentist explain the need to clean their teeth regularly, drink tap water and avoid sugar can reinforce the messages of parents. A partnership between parents and the dentist can ensure optimum dental results.

We have carefully designed our practice to ensure a comfortable and relaxed environment, helping children to feel happy and confident while receiving treatment. They may also choose to watch their favourite cartoons, television shows, movies or listen to music if they wish.

By monitoring your children’s teeth and gums we can help prevent, detect and treat potential problems in the early stages. Naturally, the friendly Manly Dental Care team will be happy to help you with your at-home preventative programme.