If you take part in contact sport it is our strong recommendation that you always wear a custom-made mouth guard from Manly Dental Care. We believe it is the very best way to avoid painful, potentially disfiguring and expensive sports related dental injuries.

A custom-made mouth guard offers many advantages. Manly Dental Care tailor a personalised mouth guard from a detailed cast of your mouth. Our mouth guards precisely fit your bite pattern, mouth and gum contour.

These can be initialed with your name and colour coordinated with your team and offer exceptional protection for your teeth and jaw.

Mouth guards are compulsory for many sports like rugby but Dr Watson and Dr Tadros recommend them for other sports such as water polo. In the Winter Olympics you may have noticed skiers wearing them. Teeth are too important to risk damaging through a sports injury.

Additionally with a Manly Dental Care mouth guard you’ll find you can breathe more easily and speak more clearly than you can with an over the counter model, so your performance may benefit too!