Fissure Sealants

Tooth decay and cavities can be a problem for your child’s molars due to the hundreds of microscopic, naturally occurring, pits and fissures found on these teeth.

Normal brushing and fluoride cannot fully reach into these tiny areas so food and bacteria can easily become trapped. As a result tooth decay and cavities can occur.

At Manly Dental Care we can fill in these susceptible areas using fissure sealants. They can also be used to preserve healthy teeth in older children and teenagers.

These sealants are applied after the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and help to protect the teeth from decay. There is no drilling and the process is completely painless.

Acting as a protective barrier against plaque and bacteria, the fissure sealant also makes your child’s teeth easier to clean. The Manly Dental Care team may recommend fissure sealants for your child at around the age of six or seven, or when the permanent molar teeth have grown into position.