Many of our teenage patients at Manly Dental Care are undergoing orthodontic treatment. They take it in their stride as many of their contemporaries are having similar treatments. They are conscious of their teeth and educated to appreciate the benefits of looking after their dental health and oral health.

More and more of our adult patients are also choosing to enjoy the confidence of a smile that is straight, beautiful and healthy. Orthodontic treatment from Manly Dental Care can correct your smile and even more importantly, can improve your overall oral health ensuring you retain more of your natural teeth for life.

Various appliances are used to move the teeth into the correct position. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much finer and more delicate they are today.

In some cases the brackets can be placed on the inside of the teeth, effectively rendering them invisible.

Depending on your individual situation we may be able to offer you removable appliances, lingual invisible braces or the latest ‘clear braces’ for your orthodontic treatment.

Treatment times vary but at Manly Dental Care we know you will be smiling when you look back after treatment is complete and compare your before and after photos.