Cleaning for Children

Preventing early tooth decay is crucially important for your child’s long -term oral health. Even though, of course, your child’s baby teeth will usually fall out naturally, losing a tooth early due to tooth decay can affect permanent teeth. Adult teeth can emerge crooked and cause gum problems and even jaw misalignment. In turn, these problems may require extensive corrective treatments in the future.

For this reason we strongly recommend you bring your child to Manly Dental Care for checkups every six to twelve months, from about the time of their first birthday. Dr Watson and Dr Tadros will check your child’s oral development is progressing normally. Children will be told the importance of brushing their teeth after every meal and after snacking. Parents need to be reminded that children who drink soft drink regularly and consume daily sugary treats risk future dental problems.

Care should be taken with babies who continually suck on bottles of milk or juice. Baby bottle tooth decay can result where babies’ teeth are continually in contact with sugars. Tap water is an ideal substitute for juice. It is important to gently wipe their teeth and gums with a wet cloth to remove bacteria forming plaque.

With early intervention our aim at Manly Dental Care is to prevent any small problems from becoming more serious.