Tooth Straightening Aligners

If you’re looking for a straighter, more beautiful smile but are put off by the thought of wearing conventional braces, Manly Dental Care has the answer.

The aligner system is an innovative way of straightening teeth, without the need for  wires and brackets.

This technique uses removable, transparent aligners to create an orthodontic treatment that is practically invisible. You will be pleasantly surprised.

With this precision technology a series of clear aligners are made and worn for approximately two week periods.  Each aligner is slightly different, guiding your teeth gently into the desired position over the course of your treatment.

Because your aligners are completely removable you will be able to brush and floss your teeth normally, eat all your favourite foods and even take a short break from your treatment during special social occasions. 

But the number one advantage of this type of treatment is that because it is almost impossible to see, no one but you and the Manly Dental Care Team will know you’re having orthodontic treatment. Ask us how this Aligner Treatment could give you a brand new smile at your next visit to Manly Dental Care.