Crowns & Bridges

After years of use, teeth can become worn, weakened by decay or large fillings or accidentally damaged. In such cases a dental crown can be a strong durable way to restore your tooth’s function and appearance, even where a traditional filling is unsuitable.

Often used for reconstructive purposes, dental crowns and bridges are increasingly used in cosmetic dentistry to give our patients a more natural smile.

Dental crowns are custom-made in a laboratory, to fit exactly over your existing tooth. Made of porcelain for strength, they can be matched to your existing tooth colour to create a seamless new smile.

Used to replace several missing teeth, dental bridges are made up of one or more artificial, replacement teeth held in place by crowns secured to healthy teeth on either side of the space.

Both crowns and bridges can enhance your appearance, prevent surrounding teeth from moving out of alignment and help you to chew normally. Although the difference a crown or bridge can make to you smile is huge, the procedure is straightforward. In fact, your treatment is often completed in just two visits to Manly Dental Care. Of course individual dental hygiene may differ so it is important to discuss all options and see what treatment will best suit you.